industrial designer . freelancer


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H a l i    G r a b e r  (Jacobucci)

Industrial Designer
Massachusetts College of Art and Design '17
2017 Merit Award Winner

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Growing up I’ve always had an eclectic set of interests: two
dimensional design, rapid prototyping, research, sketching, and
using design to impact others. I started my design career in
Graphic Design, but I was not content with leaving my work on
a page. Industrial design has given me the opportunity to take
my two-dimensional ideas and my diverse skill set to create
three-dimensional solutions to real world problems.

I am a motivated and hard-working designer. I enjoy building
projects, thinking critically, and have the goal to improve other
people’s lives. My work is diverse as it focuses on all aspects
of design by creating products, services, and business models.
I appreciate the importance of research to find problem areas,
and executing them through ideations. I believe dedication to
the process is the path to excellence.

In my extra time I appreciate volunteering, hiking, rock
climbing, traveling, and most importantly spending time with
my family.